How can I recover my data?

Connect with your FTP client to the backup FTP to host. You can find the credentials in your easyname Control Panel under [My hosting] -> [Backup] or on the [Datasheet].

Then you can choose between the following backups, by selecting the appropriate folder. The folders are named with date and time. The time is in UTC.

For example:

Now you will find a whole copy of your webspace, which was created at the time described above, depending which folder you chose. In the folder you can navigate to the desired files / folders and download them with your FTP client.

In the subfolder / db_dumps / you will find all database backups, which are provided in the form of SQL dumps (for example, u11111db1.sql.gz). These can be downloaded to your computer when needed via FTP client.

Once you have downloaded all the data, you can load as usual to your webspace. See also this article:

The dumps database can be imported via phpMyAdmin. See also this article: